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"La Potenta Donna Shakti-Dakini"

September 27th-30th, Massa Lombarda (near Bologna). 4-day DAKINI INTENSIVE.

9. 338.153739

October 5th/6th in Torino.

DAKINI COLLAGE DAYS. This is an opportunity for women initiated into the Five Dakini Families to create a tangible visualization of this potent invocational practice.

October 12th-13th in Lecce ("the Boot"), Motherpeace & the Yogini of Hirapur Oracle. This is an opportunity for women to study with Vicki Noble (Motherpeace) & Luisa Spagna, creator of the Yogini of Hirapur deck.


Painting by Mariela de la Paz

"Our Matriarchal Lineage"

This is one of two talks I'm giving at the 2019 Women's Summit, The Revolution Within, November 10th-15th, at the renowned Kripalu Center in Massachusettes. I will also do a lunch talk about Motherpeace, their creation in the 1970s and the magical deal with Dior in 2017.


Stay tuned for details about Vicki Noble's India events for  January or February 2020.