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Foremothers of the women's spirituality movement: elders & visionaries

Co-edited by Miriam Robbins Dexter & Vicki Noble

Miriam Robbins Dexter and I co-edited this delicious volume of personal story-essays from many of the early (1970-1980s) foremothers of the 2nd-wave Women's Spirituality movement. Our purpose was to recapture and reclaim the incredible creativity, spontaneity, and radicalism that went into the Goddess movement in its early days, as well as to show the continuity of its elders who are still carrying on the work today.

Edited books containing vicki noble's work

Great new 2-volume set, very wide-ranging; I wrote an essay "Radical Women's Spirituality."

Breathtaking new anthology of art and essays; I wrote a piece on the Dakini called "Yeshe Tsogyal: Awesome Yogini and Tantric Consort in Tibetan Buddhism" with photos of my time in Tibet.

Beautiful and timely re-release of Hallie Austen's 1990 book, Heart of the Goddess. Among the scores of Goddess imagery from around the world, Hallie included the Motherpeace Death Card.

Vicki Noble: speaking engagements

I am available to speak on a variety of topics including but not limited to:

  • Ancient and contemporary matriarchal cultures
  • The international Matriarchal Studies movement
  •  Men are Chimps, Women are Bonobos (my research on oxytocin and human evolution)
  • Feminist astrology and Motherpeace Tarot 

Inquiries about other speaking topics, pricing, scheduling and logistics can be made on my contact page.